Corporate Videos

     Video has become essential to any company’s marketing strategy. 60% of visitors prefer to watch a video about a company to reading about it. Videos attract three times as many clicks compared to text. Video is a great example of how to show that your company is flying high and innovative. It can show team spirit, opportunity or your great work enviroment. It is a powerful tool for recruiting specialists and creates a great corporate image for B2B marketing.

     We have the experience, equipment, and resources for high & low budget projects from single-camera setups to multiple locations. Video rates are usually on a per project basis based on time, gear, and manpower needed.


  • Pre-production planning - $250/day
  • Scriptwriting / Copywriting- $100/page/by estimate
  • Two camera HD/4K Shoot - $1200/1600 day (8 hrs), 1/2 Day Shoot - $650/800 (4 hrs), Base Rate - $400 (1-3 hrs).
  • Editing (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite) - $75/hr
  • All prices within 25 miles of downtown Denver. Anything beyond 25 miles-up to 125 miles, add $200. Beyond 125 miles, add commercial transport, meals, and lodging.

   Give us a call at (720) 941 6088.


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