Music Videos

     With the power of Youtube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites, creatively matched music video can make an artist’s career. Adding a visual component to your music draws viewers in and helps them connect to you, the artist. Music videos have been the launch platform for all emerging artists. A well priduced video can build your web presence & following.


     With the proliferation of consumer video equipment and editing programs on computers, you probably have videoed yourself and tried to make a music video. But if you are honest with yourself, have you really gotten that hot video that could make your career take off? If you have, congratulations. Great job. But if you haven’t, you are probably missing a key component in the process: experience.


     If you agree that making a great video is the logical next step for your career, talk to us at CCM Studios. We are a full service audio-visual studio and have the experience. 



Pre-production planning - $250/day

Copywriting/ Scriptwriting - $100/page

Two camera HD/4K Shoot - $1200/1600 day (8 hrs), 1/2 Day Shoot - $650/800 (4 hrs), Base Rate - $400 (1-3 hrs)

Editing (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite) - $75/hr

All prices within 25 miles of downtown Denver. Anything beyond 25 miles up to 125 miles add $200. Beyond 125 miles, add commercial transport, meals, and lodging.


Give us a call today at (720) 941 6088 or use the contact us form.



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